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About the Pregnancy Meter

  1. The Pregnancy Meter is known as:
    • Zwangerschapsmeter - NL/BE
    • Schwangerschaftsmesser - DE
    • Medidor de Embarazo - ES
  2. The primary domain of the Pregnancy Meter is
  3. Pregnancy Meter is an experimental project from media agency DesignChap(K.v.K. 53888413 /
  4. Information on the weeks of pregnancy have been provided by

About the app/website

  1. Pregnancy Meter is a webapp and in order to use both the webapp and the app you require internet connection. We always try to limit the data to be sent to our servers as much as possible.
  2. The source code for the native app (iOS and Android) is neither developed nor owned by Pregnancy Meter and no rights can be derived from it. Pregnancy Meter does not use the extra functionalities such as Bluetooth and Location.
  3. The source code, content and graphic elements (design and logo) of the web app are developed and owned by DesignChap.
  4. The app is optimized for Android 4.4+ and IOS 9+. You may experience issues if you use an older version.


  1. Pregnancy Meter is not a medical platform and is not authorized to give a medical diagnosis or advice.
  2. For medical questions you can reach out to our partner or consult a GP or other expert.
  3. Pregnancy Meter does its best to make sure that the application works as well as possible. However, the app is experimental and is subject to change. If the app does not work correctly, try to restart the app or try to log out and log in again. If the app still does not work correctly, then please feel free to contact us.
  4. The connection to the server is via an encrypted SSL connection (https).
  5. Pregnancy Meter is not responsible for the content that the user places.
  6. Pregnancy Meter does not accept liability for any damages that may arise from the content placed.
  7. In case of misconduct, the user will be removed.
  8. Pregnancy Meter reserves the right to change the terms and conditions and the website.
  9. No rights can be derived from the results and other information.
  10. Do you have complaints, questions, suggestions or requests? Then contact us via



  1. Your personal meter is public, anyone with a link can view your page. Your diary and photo album are hidden for visitors by default. Only you can see and make changes to this when you are logged in.
  2. Content from your page is never automatically shared on to your Facebook timeline when you create an account with your Facebook account.
  3. Your personal meter is not indexed by Google or any other search engine. This makes your page impossible to find from the outside.
  4. Your email address is used to send confirmation with your details and your personal link and to send notifications.
  5. E-mail notifications can be turned off in your settings.

What happens to your details?

  1. Your data, diary and photos are centrally stored on a web server.
  2. Data that you enter, store or upload are not provided to third parties and only serve as access to your account, system notifications and personal archive.
  3. Your placed content remains your property.
  4. Pregnancy Meter does not store your data for longer than necessary for the purpose of data processing.
  5. You can modify or delete your own data at any given time.
  6. When you delete your account, all data (created meters, diaries and photos) will be permanently deleted. This can not be reversed.
  7. Employees only have access to your anonymous data with permission. Only with your permission can an employee gain access to your data in order to solve potential problems. Employees have a duty of confidentiality.
  8. If you would like to know which personal data is processed, then you can make a request. You can reach us via


  1. Pregnancy Meter uses so-called session cookies. Session cookies are functional cookies intended to make the website work correctly. With session cookies it is not required to ask the internet user for permission first. These cookies contain a different, temporary number each time you visit the website. The session cookies are deleted after you close your browser.
  2. To stay logged in, a cookie is installed on your device for 1 year. If you choose to log out, this cookie is permanently deleted.
  3. To log in via Facebook, a cookie from Facebook is used. Read the privacy statement from Facebook (which can change regularly) to see what they do with your personal information they process with this code.
  4. Google Analytics is used for anonymous tracking of user behavior. Data that is collected by Google are:
    • cookies;
    • IP address (masked);
    • user agents (browsers, operating system);
    • used search terms to access our website via external search engines;
    • used links within the website;
    • used links to get to our website
    Data is retained by Google for a period of 14 months and are then deleted.
    For more information read the Google privacy policy, as well as the Google Analytics specific privacy policy.
  5. You can disable tracking with cookies via your browser settings.


  1. Pregnancy Meter uses the advertisements from AWIN. Pregnancy Meter does not receive personal data from AWIN related products. Read AWIN's privacy policy .

Content from third parties

  1. Pregnancy Meter uses embedded content from YouTube.
  2. The source code for the native app (iOS and Android) was generated via Mobincube (Mobimento Mobile S.L.).
  3. Pregnancy Meter does not use the extra functionalities such as Bluetooth and Location.